About MSP


We’re a client-focused, full-service law firm that brings extensive preparation and wholehearted passion for justice to every person who comes through our door. We’ll never promise unattainable outcomes, but we will promise that your concerns become our own. It’s how we’ve worked for the last 40 years—and how we strive to work every day.



James W. Morgan JR.


James W. Morgan, Jr. is the founding attorney of MSP and has been foundational to the success of MSP. In Jim’s nearly 40 years of practicing law, he has tried cases in various states but focuses his attention throughout the region of Kentucky and Ohio. Jim’s decades of experience has allowed him to confront a multitude of legal issues.

Jim maintains a diverse practice, but focused in the areas of personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, employment law, family law and criminal law.

In Jim’s own words: “We are not advertising attorneys. Clients that we represent are referred to us by other satisfied clients or by other attorneys. We believe that providing quality legal services is the very best way to establish new relationships with clients and to continue longstanding relationships with existing or past clients. If you have a legal matter, call us or come meet with us and you will see why we have maintained attorney-client relationships that now span generations.”

Tracy A. Smith


Tracy A Smith has practiced law in Northern Kentucky and Ohio for over 20 years. Tracy maintains a diverse practice but focuses in the areas of personal injury; family law; and criminal law. Through her years of experience, Tracy has navigated hundreds of clients through the litigation process.

In Tracy’s own words: “I listen to my clients. I don’t represent large corporations, but rather individuals and small businesses. I care about the long-term success and well-being of my clients. I work hard to represent my client’s interests both efficiently and effectively.”

Jack L. Porter


Jack L. Porter is a member at Morgan Smith Porter, PLLC. Jack served as an Assistant County Attorney, as an Assistant Commonwealth Attorney, and as Commonwealth Attorney in Campbell County, Kentucky. He practices in the areas of Federal/State Criminal Law. His tenure as a prosecutor provides him with valuable experience in defending criminal matters.

Jack also served as a police officer for the Campbell County Police Department and the Covington Police Department.

Michael James Morgan


Michael Morgan is an attorney on the rise in the Northern Kentucky area and a vital component to the success of MSP. Michael has quickly gained experience in assisting his clients through both uniquely complex and simple legal issues. Michael prides himself on exhaustively evaluating each client’s legal options and devoting his personal time and attention that is necessary to the success of each case.

Michael maintains a diverse practice, but focuses in the areas of personal injury, employment law, family law, criminal law, and estate planning.

In Michael’s own words: “No two legal matters are the same. Each and every client that walks through the doors of our office has a unique legal issue that demands our full attention. My goal is for each client to see with their own eyes that they are not a number on a case file, but that we will step into their shoes to relentlessly and prudently advance their legal interests.”